themacksSome background on the village of Kirkfield:

In 1881, Kirkfield had a population of about 300 and was advantageously situated on the Portage Road, near the crossing of the Toronto and Nippissing Railway.

From 1880 to 1920, Kirkfield was a very prosperous community. It had a blacksmith shop, jewellery store, tinsmith, butcher shop, furniture store, bakeshop, shingle mill, woolen store, shoemaker, harness shop, wagon shop, veterinarian and doctor. All of the mills in Kirkfield, built by the Mackenzie family, were dependent on the use of steam. The disappearance of Northern forests and the consequent lack of cheap fuel made steam-powered  mills impracticable and industry in Kirkfield faded.

Our school was named after Lady Mackenzie, pictured at right, wife of  William Mackenzie, railroad baron.