Personal Item Pick Up Days

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Our staff have been busy organizing and sorting your personal items to pick up from school! The following is a list of dates for each teacher’s class for you to pick up your child’s items. Hours are from 9:00-3:00 daily. Please leave a message at the school if you need to arrange for a different day.

Miss Simpson- June 5

Mrs. Likuski-June 8

Mrs. Richardson-June 9

Mrs. Vos-June 10

Mrs. Everitt-June 11

Ms. Dean-June 12

Ms. Busca-June 15

Mrs. Loney-June 16

Ms. Murray-June 17

Mrs. Hodge-June 18

Ms. Genge-June 19

Mrs. Liscombe-June 22

Ms. Berry-June 23

Mrs. Matile-June 24